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During an inspection of a family home that was just over 1 year old, I came across a dark area on the concrete slab. Moisture readings confirmed that the area was damp. I pulled back the insulation blanket at the sill location and discovered water.

I recommended to the prospective purchaser and the home owner that we do an Intrusive Inspection, including a water test, to determine the extent of the problem.

Once I determined that there was still a problem, we worked with the builder to resolve the problem. The builder made the repairs, due to the fact that water penetration and its resulting damage is covered under Tarion Warranty for two years.

Water in a New Home!

Corner of the foundation beside the basement window with the insulation blanket partially peeled back, exposing the vertical lines of water damage running down from the sill. Corner of the foundation with the insulation blanket peeled back, exposing the vertical lines of water damage.

The insulation blanket was removed and with the aid of water testing, the problem areas were determined.

The brick was removed to reveal the problem. The flashing material was installed incorrectly. By code, it is to overhang the foundation by 6mm, but city inspections missed it.

The area was repaired and it was water tested again... with no leaks. This potentially expensive repair was avoided as it was repaired at the builder's expense.

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