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Neil is pictured here measuring drywall in a lodge-style room that is half drywalled. The end of the room has a large four-panel window, and the rest of the same wall is framed, insulated, and enclosed in vapour barrier.

This complete consultation package includes a comprehensive series of checks to ensure that your dream home turns into just that.

Can you trust your Builder to deliver all that they promise? No, you cannot, and here is why...

  1. Their sales, construction and warranty departments all have different agendas, with each trying to maximize profit.
  2. It is not in the Builder's best interest to inform you of all your rights under the Ontario New Home Warranty Act and they do not have to. Why would they if it effects their bottom line?
  3. When you are paid for a job up front, how motivated are you to complete it?

Can you trust The City to perform all the required inspections? No, you cannot, and here is why...

  1. The Ontario Building Code contains requirements that are not included in the City's inspections. The City admits that they only cover the majority of the elements in construction.
  2. The City's Building Inspector's generally deal with the Contractor, not you.
  3. Have you seen The City's Permit Department. The term overworked certainly comes to mind.

Can you trust Tarion to follow through with the warranty on your dream home? No, you cannot, and here is why...

  1. Tarion's Bible, "The Construction Performance Guidelines" favours the builder.
  2. Tarion works on complaint based system. They assume that everything is fine, unless they get a complaint. You will not hear from Tarion regarding your warranty, unless you initiate it. By that time, you may have missed your deadline.
  3. Tarion has a strict set of Deadlines that are deceptive. When do you think your "year end" form should be submitted to them?
  4. Tarion's deadlines can allow the builder up to two years to complete your dream home.

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New Construction Consultation: Start to Finish Package

There are over 1700 items, as many as 15 separate trades and 30 inspections, that go into a new home. Your Builder may be good, but are they really working for you?

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Price: from $5000

Package includes...