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Neil is pictured here laying brick around a kitchen island. There is a six-foot level/straight-edge on the top.

This complete consultation package includes a comprehensive series of checks to ensure that your dream renovation turns into just that...

Can you trust your Renovator to deliver all that they promise? No, you cannot, and here is why...

  1. Their sales, construction and warranty departments all have different agendas, with each trying to maximize profit.
  2. It is not in the Renovator's best interest to inform you of all your rights and options because it will affect their bottom line.
  3. When you are paid for a job, how motivated are you to complete it?

Can you trust The City to perform all the required inspections? No, you cannot, and here is why...

  1. The Ontario Building Code contains requirements that are not included in the City's inspections. The City admits that they only cover the majority of the elements in construction.
  2. The City's Building Inspectors generally deal with the Contractor, not you.
  3. Have you seen The City's Permit Department. The term "overworked" certainly comes to mind.

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Renovation / Addition: Start to Finish Package

There are over 1700 items, up to 15 separate trades and as many as 30 inspections that go into renovating a home. Your Builder may be good, but are they really working for you?

SKU/Item Number: RH002
Price: from $195
Average price: 10% of project value

Package includes...