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Neil is pictured here laying brick around a kitchen island. There is a six-foot level/striahgt-edge on the top.

This consultation includes a comprehensive inspection to ensure that your dream home remains just that.

You need me if...

  1. You can not be on site at the critical times during the renovation or construction of your home.
  2. You want expert opinion about your home.
  3. You have lost faith in your contractor or builder.
  4. You are buying a new home and you want to protect your rights under the ONHWP (Tarion).
  5. You want an expert representation at the PDI or a Year End Tarion Inspection.
  6. You can not get your builder to do what they are obligated to do.
  7. You experience comfort problems with drafts, cold rooms, moisture, or mould.
  8. You have high heating or cooling bills.
  9. You have ice damming
  10. You have a problem with your home that no one else can solve.

From the CHMC web page:

Should I hire a home inspector to inspect my new home?

"A pre-delivery inspection (PDI) may be a requirement in closing the purchase of a new home. During the pre-delivery inspection, the homebuyer and builder inspect the home to ensure both parties are satisfied that the conditions of the sales agreement have been met, any outstanding work, and warrantable defects or deficiencies, are identified. If you do not feel that you have the knowledge to judge whether or not your new home meets the conditions set out in the agreement you could retain a home inspector to help you. Note that some builders have policies concerning who may be present during the pre-delivery inspection so it's best to inquire with the builder during the negotiation of the sales agreement whether or not this is possible. You should also be aware that pre-delivery inspections are fairly specialized and not all home inspectors have experience in this area. If you have permission from the builder to bring a home inspector to your PDI, enquire if the inspector has the knowledge/experience to conduct this type of inspection."

From Better Business Bureau Alerts and News article: Buying an Unbuilt Home

"Inspect the finished product. Before you take delivery of the property, give the new house a top-to-bottom examination yourself and consider bringing along an experienced new-home inspector with you."

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Single Inspection: New Construction/Renovation/ ONHWP (Tarion) Package

Want to confirm your suspicions, secure your rights or you may be just puzzled. We can help!

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Price: from $345 incl GST

Package includes...