Guidelines of Conduct

SDB Inspections will abide by...

Professional Practice and Conflict of Interest Guidelines

We shall:

  1. Carry on the practice of Home Inspection in accordance with law, integrity and honesty.
  2. Maintain client confidentiality.
  3. Not act for or accept payment from more than one party concurrently in connection with the subject property unless fully disclosed to and approved by all parties.
  4. Remain independent and at arms length from any other business or personal interest which might affect the quality of the service provided. In particular:
  5. A member shall not repair for a fee any condition found during an inspection, nor use the inspection as a vehicle to deliberately obtain work in another field;
  6. A member who sells real estate may not inspect properties located within the jurisdiction of the real estate board or boards where he, or the company with which he is associated, are active;
  7. A member who provides public sector inspection services may not inspect a property within a jurisdiction where they have public sector authority or responsibility that would affect the subject property.
  8. Promptly disclose to the client any relationship to the property or interested party, business or personal interest which might be construed as affecting the member's independence.
  9. Not solicit, receive or give referral fees.
  10. Refer trades or other specialists only when doing so is in the best interest of the client, and does not detract from the member's independence.
  11. Only provide an opinion on conditions and matters within the scope of the member's expertise, education, experience and profession.
  12. To ensure fairness to all parties, not knowingly comment on the work of another member without discussing the observations with the member concerned. A member is free to provide an independent opinion of property conditions, but should, if possible, advise the previous inspector.
  13. Act in good faith to all. Uphold the integrity and reputation of this profession. Respond promptly to complaints.

The Inspection and the Report

We shall:

  1. Perform an inspection that is substantially in compliance with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.
  2. Enter into a written agreement with the client prior to the inspection that lists the components and systems to be inspected along with limitations and exclusions.
  3. Submit a written report to the client within 48 hours that describes inspected systems and components, reports any items deemed significantly deficient, states why items were deemed significantly deficient and discloses items within the Standards that were not inspected and why.
  4. Not provide additional inspection services or exclude items from the inspection that fall within the Standards of Practice without a written agreement with the client.

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A corner picture is used to set the mood of the page. Here we see Neil preparing the construction site for landscaping.

"The Home Warranty process can be a daunting task. It is hard to find a balance between the wants of the new home owner's and the acceptable industry standards for new home construction.

Simply quoting the Construction Preformance Guidelines does not help the you, the Home Owner.

I develop relationships with Home Owners, explaining the process and what to expect out of their home. I will help make the builder do their job right, guaranteed."

- Neil Suter