Each home has a story, and each one is as unique as its owners. Here is what a few have said:

Get in on the ground floor .

It's easier to start off right than to fix things later!

At the Tarion Pre-Delivery Inspection our builder tried to get us to sign in the spot where it indicates that everything was completed to our satisfaction, when it most definitely was not. We would not have caught that slight of hand if Neil was not there to point it out to us. Thanks for your dedication. Our house is much better because of it.

Chau and Vi Trac.


Neil arrived at the site for the Tarion Home Inspection of the house we thought that we had put an offer in on and the first thing he points out the realtor is the fact that we had actually put in an offer on the house next door. It is attention to detail like that, that makes Neil very good at what he does. Thanks again.

Gail and Dave Bowen.


We were only worried about the crack in the foundation wall that the builder had repaired when I called Neil. He came out and did a Second Year Tarion Inspection and found so many items that we did not see and that our builder fixed under warranty. Thanks for saving us thousands of dollars in repairs.

Dr. Ninan.


Neil supervised the trades that finished our basement. He suggested so many changes that, in the end, made it a truly amazing space for us. His fee was more than made up by what he saved us in material selections. His services are truly worth it.

Jamie and Janice Sutherland

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